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“God is my Strength”.

Gabriella D’Souza

God is my strength” yes that is the meaning of my name and that’s what He has been for me and my family. It was about one and half month after my birth when I was diagnosed with multiple holes in my heart.  Continue Reading...

After consulting well known cardiologists the final verdict given by the doctors was that there was one big hole of 6.5mm and other small to moderate holes. I would have to be treated with aggressive antibiotics because, with the slightest infection, I could become very sick. Cold, cough and fever would be common. I would have to be operated at a point in life. He also said that, there was no medicines known to mankind that would close holes, the medicines were given to me were only to help my heart pump better. It was a difficult time for my family. My parents sent prayer requests to all the possible cell phones/email ids etc. There were a lot of people fasting and praying for me. For two weeks or so things were not going too well with my weight and at a point I was even losing weight, my doctor was a bit alarmed because losing weight meant that chances of surgery was higher. With the permission of my doctor my parents decided to take me for a retreat. At the retreat the Lord showed my parents through visions and Word of Knowledge that there was something positive for me. After a month I had to see the cardiologist. The doctor did a scan once again and said most holes had closed. There were now only two holes left one as big as 2.6mm and the other as big as the diameter of a hair strand. There was rejoicing amongst all who knew about me. All my medicines were stopped in a phased manner and I was asked to return for a check up with the cardiologist after six months.
At the end of six months in Oct 09, I made my second retreat, after which I met my heart specialist again. He scanned my heart again, but this time he couldn’t find any hole. Much to the thrill of everyone, my doctor said our prayers have been answered; he also stated that there are very rare cases where holes closed so fast. Today as me and my parents look back we definitely received some special strength to face this faith enriching experience. This strength was no other but from GOD. I am happy to be named Gabriella as GOD IS MY STRENGTH. Thank you for patiently reading an eventful one year of my life.

Mark 10:51-52  Jesus asked, “What do you want me to do for you?” The blind man answered, “Master, I want to see!” Jesus told him, “You may go. Your eyes are healed because of your faith.” Right away the man could see, and he went down the road with Jesus.


Category : Healing – Blindness (Sight of child restored through prayers)

– as narrated by Sis. Priscilla Vaz

Dear Brothers and Sisters, one day while I was reading the bible, suddenly I saw my niece holding her son in her hand and crying bitterly, and I asked the Lord wondering what had happened to my niece. Continue Reading...

And so I called my brother and enquired about my niece and my brother told me that she along-with her family had gone to her native place, to her in laws, and there was no other news.

The next day while I was praying, again I saw my niece and I deep sense told me that there was something wrong. Therefore, I cried in anguish and asked my Lord to help me out and kept on praying.  After three days I got a message that my niece’s baby had a fall and both his eyes were bloody red, and therefore my niece had taken him for an examination to a hospital in Chennai.

As per the doctor, who examined him, the child was unable to see from one eye and to save the vision of the other eye, it had to be immediately operated. The operation was schedule accordingly, but for some reasons it got delayed for two days.

On Wednesday I came for the prayer meeting and I wrote the petition for healing of my niece’s son and offered it to the Lord and all of us prayed. The operation was schedule next day on Thursday @0930 hrs. I was continuously praying on Thursday and in the afternoon I offered up the divine mercy prayer and said, “Lord bless this child, save his eyes”.

After my prayers, I called my brother and asked him to enquire about my niece and her child. It so happened, that the doctors had come for their routine checkup, along-with the nurse to take the child @0900 hrs, for the scheduled operation. As the nurse was taking the child towards the operation theatre, she noticed that the child was smiling at her. Looking at the child’s smile, the nurse became a bit sad, because the child was been taken for operation. However after two minutes as the nurse was looking at the baby’s eyes, she screamed loudly, “Doctor! Come fast, look what has happened to the child’s eyes”.

My niece was frightened and cried because the child was blind on one eye and the other needed an operation, and she wondered what was going on now. The doctor pacified her and asked her not to cry and to allow him to check first.

The doctor looked at the child and with great amazement, exclaimed “What a great miracle has happened to this child. The Lord has blessed this child. His eyes are cleared completely”.

The doctor examined the child once again and mentioned that the child can see not only from his one eye, but had a clear vision in the other as well, i.e. the Lord had healed both his eyes.

Praise the Lord. Thank you Lord. Alleluia. All Glory to God.

Yes my brothers and sisters, all of you have prayed for my niece’s son and the child is completely healed. I thank all of you, my dear brothers and sisters for your prayers.

God bless you all of you!


THIS WAS A MIRACULOUS HEALING !!  At that time I believed that Jesus has healed me in the power of His Holy Spirit . I was so over joyed that I kept thanking my Jesus.

Category : Healed of Lymph node near the throat

– Shayla Quadras

Recently I was diagnosed with a small lymh node near my throat and my doctor advised me to go for an Ultra sound test. Continue Reading...

Since the Lymph node was quite small he further advised me to do the FNAC needle test. On hearing this I got scared since such a thing has never happened to me before. Moreover since the lymph was small they had to carry out the test three times and that panicked me. I was in continuous prayer asking our Lord Jesus to heal me.

In the meantime attending the Wednesday Charismatic prayer meetings  at St Mary’s church helped me build my confidence and strengthen my faith. Just after my third needle test I happen to attend a healing session,  which was just awesome and I kept praying and believing that Jesus was going to heal me.

As the healing session was coming to an end I touched  the area around my throat and realised that the Lymph node had disappeared. THIS WAS A MIRACULOUS HEALING !!  At that time I believed that Jesus has healed me in the power of His Holy Spirit . I was so over joyed that I kept thanking my Jesus.

As I did not feel it was necessary for me to re check with my doctor, I stopped consulting him  believing that the Lord has healed me completely!

 I thank and glorify my God for working this mighty miracle in my life,  I take this opportunity to thank the  brother who conducted this wonderful healing service as I felt the presence of the Lord at that time. To all those in the prayer group who prayed for my healing, may the Lord God bless you all.