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Exodus 23:20

“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.”

Psalms 91”11-12

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

Category : Miraculous Escape from a Serious Accident.

– Mrs. Joyce Fernandes

Praise the lord, my dear brothers and Sisters,

My name is Joyce Fernandes, and I have been residing in Dubai, with my family for almost 2 decades.

Since last 3 years, I’m am part of the Dubai charismatic group (English)  and prior to this, I had been with other prayer groups as well. I’m here to testify about an incident that happened in my life last December 2017. During this time, on several occasions, I cried out in anguish and questioned God “Why me Lord, why me”.  Continue Reading....

However I have to admit that last four months, He has been with me throughout my pain and suffering. 

It was Friday morning 15th December 2017, we were on our way back home, from my pre- birthday celebration, when we were on DIFC rear road, and my daughter asked me to take a detour to Zabeel, as she had a desire to visit H.H. Sheikh’s Zabeel Palace.

Being Friday, the road was absolutely clear, with my lone car and just as I was about to drive on an over-bridge,  from my rear view mirror, I happen to see that, suddenly  from nowhere one black tinted car approaching, with high speed, to almost hit my car.

As I was on a slow track, with a speed of about 40kmph, I presume that I was safe; however the speedy car just ramped into mine and toppled our car, over the bridge. It all happened within seconds and we were aghast, not knowing what really happened – surely God sent His angels to take control and rescue us (Psalm 91) – 

Our car toppled, slides for almost 100 meters on my side, as I was driving. The impact of the accident and the slide, threw my head, face and neck out of the car, on the road, and I watched the glass pieces flying through my face, I could see the fuel leaking, the car tyre burst & torn apart and the tar granules passing by my face, like a live horror movie. With all these visuals in front of me, I could sense and hear my daughter’s voice, who was on the passenger’s seat with her seat belt on, calling out “Jesus Jesus Jesus” and shouting Mama Mama Mama remove the key, off the engine. She was hanging up and trying to help me and panicked for help, while I remained motionless and, if I can remember, speechless as well, not realizing that my left wrist was jammed and stuck in the steering, which got auto locked. 

During those few seconds of our life, we could see and experience death, but our time had not yet come, and while I recollect those memories, I thank God for giving us a second life. Thank you Jesus, for having mercy, which are new every day.

I have not finished, not yet! This child of mine, my daughter, being in Spirit, kept repeating Jesus – just one word. If I can recollect, I was continuously saying ‘Thank you Jesus’; because I’m used to saying these words several times a day.

The WORD was there ‘ALIVE’ if not how could I say them in my unconsciousness.

I saw my elbow being dislocated, my thumb and finger twisted, bleeding – but there was absolutely no pain at all.  Praise God. I still remember, how calm I was, while the car was still on the side fallen and steady – many know as a person, how loud I am, but as God was in control, I neither panic nor did I scream. The road, where our accident took place, was a VIP road and seldom, does any car passes by and many times has a deserted look and so was the case on that day.

Miracle 1: As my daughter was shouting for help, within seconds, from nowhere one security guard approached her and opened her door – Praise the Lord – the door on her side wasn’t auto locked – he could get her out. In seconds he offered us water – yes it’s the same living water we experienced – (note in UAE you are not allowed to give water on accident site you will be answerable by authority). Over here I would like to specify that the drop of water we drank was so badly required – I tell you it was like ‘The Rich man and Lazarus story in the Bible Luke 16:24’; where the rich man just needed a drop of water. Those who know me will agree I’m a very keen person and would not dare to drink water from anyone….you get me???  This water if it was with the security for ages or he drank sipping the bottle, oh God! Just didn’t matter at that time…

Miracle 2: No!! Not over yet, again within seconds, 2 small Pathans, a passing by taxi driver and his colleague, from nowhere on that quite road approached and got our car back on track. I want to ask you all a question? Is it possible for 2 persons lift a Prado that too fallen totally destroyed?  Not possible at all. We recite Psalms 91 daily after our rosary, as we unfold these events, we could sense the help provided and the presence of the angels there, as given in Psalms 91, the words became alive to us. I would like to take this opportunity to specify and caution you, to watch what you speak, because the angles carry our word spoken seriously and act accordingly. Word of God says life and death is on our tongue (Proverbs 18:21)

Miracles take place, Yes! They do and we have to just acknowledge them by saying how blessed we are and NOT how lucky we are.

Miracle 3:  In all these events, we almost forgot about one more passenger who was with us, that’s my husband sitting on the back seat. We completely forget about him in that moment, until the Pathan’s got the car on track. (Palms 91- I will not hurt you nor harm you). The Pathan’s vanished.

In less than 7 minutes the cops and ambulance arrived and cleared us. You think it was easy to get me out…??? The door was jammed and hand stuck, it was a terrible sight.  The door had to be cut through with hydraulic cutter. 

Praise God, not a scratch on my husband and my daughter.

Upon reaching the hospital, in Trauma emergency, it was like all angels were in charge, expecting me, with full Team of different Doctors and nurses, technician, operation theatre ready, name it and all were there. These all things made me feel so comfortable. 

Later at the Trauma specialty ward, I realized how blessed I’m with little pain on my left hand while all patients were going through severer pain and suffering.

This was the time I realized – The Cross – how painful it is compared to the little pain I was going through.  Did I question God? Yes I did, because I know, I am close to Him and I said several times why me Lord? One answer from my daughter always, encourages me ‘why not you Mother”…

It was then that I instantly made few commitments – one was – to visit the hospital – why – it’s because whenever you all came to visit me, pray over me, I felt special and touched.

I thank everyone for taking time to visit me, getting Jesus to the hospital and home, continuously storming heaven and praying over me, some friends were there even to feed me food, Thank you all brothers and sisters, you know who you are and I’m grateful. 

Not knowing what was going on, later did we all realized that it wasn’t just security giving us the water or  the 2 Pathan’s lifting the car, but  it was Our Holy Trinity who were constantly working for us.

Praise God. Thank you Jesus!

I am thankful to share this testimony and I would like to share the car picture, so you can see the wonderful miracles God worked in my life.

Sometimes an accident gets us (more) closer to God and it’s a testing time too, I like to compare my life like Job accepting it all. I’m getting healed as Lords Work is in Progress.

I conclude my testimony by sharing my tools that’s daily rosary anytime, anywhere you can recite, 3 o’clock prayer- divine mercy and Psalm 91. If you have these tools and trust in god you have it all, in plenty. Thank you.