Word Ministry

Leader: Adelyne Da Veiga

Contact: 052-9021542

E-mail: adelyne28@live.com



Assistant Leader: Gretta Rodrigues

Contact: 055-9192963

E-mail: grettarodrigues@yahoo.com



The Word Ministry of the SMECPG comprises of 7 members. Acts 6:4 – But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word. This ministry meets once a month and prayerfully discerns the teaching topics for the prayer group along with the Core Team Co-ordinator.  Each member is allocated a topic giving him/her enough time to pray, discern and prepare for the teaching. These teachings  are further discussed among the members when we meet and suggestions are taken and incorporated. This being a very important ministry, members are constantly encouraged to apply the Word of God in our daily lives and put Jos. 1:8 into practice.