Healing & Deliverance Ministry

Leader: Peter D’Souza

Contact: 050-5857504

E-mail: dsouza_peter@rocketmail.com



 Assistant Leader: Winney Cutinho

Contact: 050-3463507

E-mail: cutinha08@gmail.com



The role of Healing and Deliverance ministry is to carry out the Lords command to heal the sick and deliver those in bondage. The members of the ministry prepare for the mission the Lord has entrusted them with fasting, prayer and study of the Word of God. Strict discipline for constant spiritual growth is encouraged for all members of the ministry. The ministry meets once a month. The major tasks carried out by the ministry: Healing sessions for the prayer group, special sessions for the sick in hospitals on request, visiting and offering counselling and prayer sessions at home for those in need. Every Wednesday after the weekly prayer group meeting the members pray over the sick and those in need.